5 Things about Little Chayapa

Hello the world. Because in 2nd Saturday of January in Thailand is Children’s day 🙂 They are so importance and who are children today are gonna become adult in future. Children’s day is the day to celebrate for every children and celebrate our children heart too.

Children’s Day in Thailand

There are so many activities for every children. They can go for singer contest, dance contest, or anything else! And there are many place with many occupation that open for them. They will got so many experience gift and snacks.

5 Activities when I was Child.

I just thought of my children life. There are so many things I have fun and enjoy to done it.

1. Super Mario Player

You know Super Mario? It’s my favourited gameplay. A man with hard head who can jump to break the wall, finding mushroom for grow up and for life, correct the coins. When I was 10 years old. The place that I love to go is gameplay station.
Click here to play Super Mario

2. Dancer front of state

I can’t imagination how courage I am when I was so young. I love to went to concert and dance, I was dance everywhere and my dream is dancer before, do you know why? Because I have seen theirs clothes and it’s beautiful.

3. Magazine reader

Since I was young. Activities that I love the most is reading. I’m magazine reader and I like interview column, fashion, poem and yeah I read everything. My favourite magazine is I Like and Cawaii Magazine.

4. Singer’s Fanclub

I may not top fan of singer but I was support them by ask my father to buy theirs album. And I follow to see them in a person (No, I just went to concert) I like to wrote letter and when I got letter back from them, it’s so amazing. Oh! I miss that’s moment. Have you ever write to singer that you like?

5. Model of mom

My mom is the best photographer since I was born until now. So I have many cute photography of little Chayapa. And it’s may the answer that why I love photography, because we can collect our memories in photos.

How about you? What do you like to do when you were children. How are about your children dream. There are many things that I thought back and make me smile. Sometimes we are only focus the bad things and forget what is good in our lives. So stay focus good things and living for today to prepare life in the future that you want. Enjoy Children’s Day bye bye.

เริ่มต้นที่ เป็นความสุขให้ตัวเองก่อน อย่าไปมีข้อจำกัดให้กับชีวิตเยอะ อยากทำอะไร อย่ามัวแต่คิด ทำเลยเหอะ

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