Review 3 place for sleep in Nang rong | Cheap price and good location.

Ancient City, Roasted Coconut, Sweet Sugar, Holy City Pillar Shrine, Progressive economy, Good taste pork knuckle stew, Nang Rong language. All of this is in slogan of Nang Rong.

Hello people, Today I would love to shared you of 3 cheap price hotel in Nang Rong District, Buriram Province. Nang Rong District is an important passageway of many routes. it’s quite large city, there are many accommodation options, prices are varied Hope to help you for make a decision. For who visit Nang Rong for business or travel to live around there.

1. Nangrong Hotel This accommodation is for people who want to stay in the center of city. Great location, easy access, clean rooms, free Wi-Fi. Near a convenience store, near the morning market, near the night market and very easy to find somethings to eat.

เครดิตภาพจาก : FACEBOOK Nangrong Hotel

The rooms are decorated in mood and tone warmly and simple. Economical price starting at 450 baht. You can save your accommodation budget to find delicious food. The room will have full amenities. There are air conditioners, TVs, refrigerators, water heaters.

เครดิตภาพจาก : FACEBOOK Nangrong Hotel

For more information Click >> Nangrong Hotel


2. Suanmak Resort
This place is for people who want peaceful and simplicity in a spacious room.
It’s not far from city center (about 4 kilometer) good atmosphere, inexpensive,
price for 1 night starting at 500 baht. Full facilities such as air conditioner, TV,
refrigerator, Wifi Spacious bathroom, good cleanliness, good parking.

เครดิตภาพจาก : FACEBOOK Suanmak Resort

There is a balcony that you can open out to find the shade. In front of the room, there is a pool and a beautiful sitting area.

เครดิตภาพจาก : FACEBOOK Suanmak Resort

For more informaton click >> Suanmak Resort


3. Laksana Boutique Hotel
1 more of new accommodation, cheap price, starting 1 night is 500 baht.
Bathroom decorated in luxury style. Adorned with beautiful marble tiles.
Modern accommodation elegant white tone. It’s not far from the main road of the district.
Near Laksana restaurant, pork leg, the old one, the original owner

There are full of facilities. TV, air conditioner, refrigerator,
Warm water. Clean bathroom, soft mattress, comfortable bed.

For more information >> Laksana Boutique Hotel

Nang Rong District of Buriram Province also has many interesting hotels, resorts and accommodation. If any friends have the opportunity to visit World heritage Khao Phanom Rung or Visit Prasat Muang Tam or other places near Nang Rong District, Or anybody visit Nangrong for any reason. Stop by to do business, contact work, don’t forget to stop by the hotel above. How do you feel after taking a break? Don’t forget to share it in the comments.

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