Tortoises Village.

Hello the world, Let me tell you about my hometown. I live in Moo Ban Tao, Ban Kok not Bangkok but a small village in Manchakhiri Khonkaen. Northeast Thailand.

Tortoises Village

Tortoises Village is located in Ban Kok village Manchakhiri district Khonkaen province, Thailand. It’s a small village about 55 kilometres from Khonkaen city. People start living since the 1224. There are many tortoises walking around vilage. People living friendly with tortoises.

Tortoises in Thailand called “Tao”

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Since my grandmother was a little child. She already see many tortoises around. But lately we don’t often see it on the road. In my opinion I though that is because so hot weather and so much concrete in village. They are still went to villager home for food in every morning and evening.

For living in Tortoises village is easy. You just have to be careful when you were driving because you never know when you will see tortoises on the road. You may see it in the morning evening or all day, so drive slowly.

There are homestay that you can come here for stay and living with local people. To enjoy living like local, enjoy activity that you want to learn from local people and eat yummy local food, travel around.

Enjoy your day and hope to see you again next time.

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